What is LiquidMetal?

LiquidMetal is a web service and a hardware appliance that together bring continuous automated testing to network system operation. The product leverages the power of software defined networking (SDN) while at the same time solves a fundamental problem with SDN-based solutions: the difficulty of modeling the physical hardware of the production environment for use in the test environment.

With LiquidMetal's web service, you can integrate actual hardware or other virtual networks directly into your environment via an IP address, greatly improving the accuracy and usefulness of test results.

With LiquidMetal's hardware appliance, you can integrate actual hardware directly into your safe air-gapped environment through lan cables, greatly improving the security, accuracy and usefulness of test results. LiquidMetal's hardware appliance can also connect to other networks via IP address if you decide to connect it to the internet.

Axsh Co has a long-term investment in SDN technology, which we apply to build accurate duplicates of production environments. Differences between physical appliances and virtual appliances often cause problems when verifying correctness. LiquidMetal addresses this issue by integrating actual physical devices into the duplicated virtual network. In collaboration with our corporate partner TIS Inc., a prototype of LiquidMetal has been successfully deployed at Yamato System Development Co., Ltd., the information technology (IT) and logistics arm of Yamato Transport, Japan's largest parcel courier.

LiquidMetal integrates three components:

Just using your browser, build your own network structure, deploy it, and verify the correctness of your configuration quickly.

LiquidMetal Portal Gun
This hardware appliance provides a feature to connect your physical devices to virtual networks on LiquidMetal.io through a virtual private network (VPN).

LiquidMetal Enterprise
For increased security, LiquidMetal.io can be installed into a customer's private network. LiquidMetal Enterprise provides hardware appliances and professional services to support the installation.